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What Is Tennis Leg and How Do You Treat It?

Tennis Leg Treatment. The sooner you treat the injury, the better. Apply ice and elevate the leg above the heart. You should also use crutches until you your doctor can perform a sports medicine examination. . Tennis leg is not an injury that should require surgery–whether exploratory or for repair.

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You can apply ice or a cold pack directly to the painful area for 20 minutes or submerge your lower leg in a bucket of cold water and ice for 10 minutes. Repeat this several times a day. Do not place an ice pack on the bare skin. Place a towel between the skin and the ice pack to avoid a cold burn from the ice pack.

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Tennis Leg - Physiotherapy Treatment

Physical Therapy Management for Tennis Leg If the pain allows it, you may put weight on the foot, if necessary using elbow crutches during the first week. The foot... A heel lift (with shock absorption) in both shoes for one to two weeks may help to ease the load on the calf muscles... Stretching ...

Tennis Leg: Causes & Pain Management for Medial Gastrocnemius ...

Initial Treatment for Tennis Leg 1. Protection. Protect the calf muscles by avoiding activities that require stretching, pulling, or placement of weight... 2. Rest. Rest also comes in the form of protection by resting the leg and avoiding the use of calf muscles. 3. Ice. Ice packs or compresses ...

Tennis injuries: prevention and treatment. A review

The key to prevention and treatment of these injuries is good coaching and a formal stretching and strengthening program. The drooped "tenn …. When players are engaged in the sport of tennis, injuries may occur to the eyes, in the neck, to the shoulder and back, arm and elbow, wrist and hand, and feet. The key to prevention and treatment of these injuries is good coaching and a formal stretching and strengthening program.

Surgical treatment of gastrocnemius muscle ruptures

Rupture of the medial head of the gastrocnemius, known as "tennis leg", typically occurs when the muscle has been overstretched by dorsiflexion of the ankle with full knee extension. The classic clinical presentation is a middle-aged person who complains of sports-related acute pain in the mid porti …. Surgical treatment of gastrocnemius muscle ruptures.

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Supportive therapy is outlined but no mention is made regarding local injection of 1 cc of 2% procaine mixed with 1 cc of prednisolone suspension, 20 mg/cc, into the area of maximum tenderness, as specific treatment.

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