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The six antigens which have been identified as important for transplant are inherited from our parents, half from each. This makes a sibling the best possible chance for a perfect match, not a child, but a child is better than a stranger. A perfect match with an unrelated donor carries odds of one in 100,000, or a probability of .00001.

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Living donor programs allow a relative or a compatible unrelated donor (such as a spouse or friend) to donate a kidney. Siblings have a 25% chance of being an "exact match" for a living donor and a 50% chance of being a "half-match." Donor compatibility is established through blood tests that look for matching blood types and antigens.


The odds of receiving a kidney from a spouse are about as good as being able to get one from the person sitting next to you on the bus and falling in love with that person as well.

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The chance of a perfect or six-antigen match between two unrelated people is about one in 100,000. Many times in kidney transplants there are half matches or less and the transplants are still successful.

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A person’s best bet is usually a sibling, which have a 25 percent chance of being an “exact match” and a 50 percent chance of being a “half-match.” The Blankenships’ sons began the testing process, as well as several people in the church. The odds of a spouse being a match are extraordinarily low, but Sherry wanted to try anyway.

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The better the match between the donor and recipient, the longer the transplanted kidney can last. How Does the NKR Find the Best Donor-Recipient Match for Kidney Transplants? Traditionally, kidney transplant matches were measured by an HLA match score from zero to six, with six being the best. HLA scores are generally based on A, B and DR ...

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There are actually three tests that are done to evaluate donors. They are blood type, crossmatch, and HLA testing. This blood test is the first step in the process of living donation and determines if you are compatible or a “match” to your recipient. There are 4 different blood types. The most common blood type in the population is type O.

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The perfect match: husband donates kidney to wife. Tracey and Ian before their transplant surgeries. In honor of today being both Valentine’s Day and National Donor Day, we’re featuring a story that shows the power of love twice over! Meet Tracey Barbour. Tracey married her husband, Ian, in April of 2007 and was diagnosed with PKD just one ...