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Common Volleyball Injuries and Prevention

Knee injuries are common in volleyball. When they occur they are typically either to the ligament or cartilage. Ligament Injuries: Ligament injuries to the knee are very common in sports that require stopping and starting or quickly changing directions. These extreme forces on the knee can result in torn ligaments.

Volleyball Injuries | Volleyball Injury Prevention & Treatment

Fingers are vulnerable to injury during volleyball activities, such as blocking, setting, and digging. Common finger injuries include fractures, dislocations, and tendon and ligament tears. If you are unable to bend the finger, consultation with your sports medicine professional or athletic trainer is important.

Common Volleyball Injuries: The Complete List Of Medical Injuries

15 Most Common Volleyball Injuries Types of Volleyball Injuries. Volleyball injuries are most often caused by jumping and landing. Considering that the... Shoulder Injuries in Volleyball. Shoulder pain occurs because the shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body... Knee Injuries. The knees ...

Six Common Volleyball Injuries- and How to Prevent Them ...

4) Low Back Pain Pain that is more with leaning forward could cause issues with the discs between the bones of the lower spine. Pain leaning back could lead to stress injuries of the bones or joints.

Preventing Common Volleyball Injuries | Franciscan Health

Most injuries during volleyball are acute, such as dislocations or strains, or stemming from overuse of certain muscle groups. Ankles, shoulders, fingers, back and knees are areas most affected.

Shoulder Pain and Injuries in Volleyball Athletes

Ongoing pain before, during or after play should be questioned. This can be a sign of rotator cuff tendinitis or impingement. Immediate sharp pain after a hard swing, fall, or awkward hit should also be a red flag. Common injuries that occur are muscle tears, labral tears and subluxations (partial dislocation).

Low Back Pain in Volleyball Players

Adapted Volleyball •Adapted volleyball may be played by individuals with a variety of physical and mental impairments and disabilities including (but not limited to): –limb amputation –neuromuscular disorders –hearing loss (deafness)

Bruised Arms From Volleyball | SportsRec

Arm bruising results from contact with the ball during diving for loose balls, jumping for blocks and spiking. As a result, volleyball players are susceptible to bruised arms. Also called a contusion or hematoma, bruising is characterized by skin discoloration when small blood vessels break beneath the skin.